When the synopsis read that this package was ‘really nasty’ my interest peaked and I felt compelled to request it in order to be privy to the experience myself.

Deha, and Merda Mundi, do not disappoint and launches the latest incantation ‘Hatred’, 4 blistering tracks of pure decadent Satanism and raw black metal at its grimmest and most vitriolic. This is a ritual clocking in at just over 36 minutes, and it is venomous, malicious and caustic in equal measures from the outset.

There is a common theme behind the track titles and ‘Hatred’ opens the proceedings with ‘Condemn Them’ and continues with ‘Castigate Them’, ‘Annihilate Them’ and then really showing his intentions with the truly goading ‘Fucking Hate Them’.

All tracks are of similar ilk and delivered in the same vain. Noxious, malevolent and cruel. The tracks are surrendered with speed and precision and talent is overflowing in each track on this platform. The vocals are spat out with ferocity and appetite which then dictates the pulse and rhythm for the rest of the score to bleed against. The structure is violent and extreme and exudes unrestrained screams and maniacal vocal terror, layers of varying degrees of blast beats, furious guitars and haunting chilling shrieks

This is the 3rd full length release from Merda Mundi, with the years also being studded with EP’s, demos and singles, with the entire beast being imagined, constructed and orchestrated by just the one Belgium mastermind. Admittedly arts as black and scorched as this may not be to everyone’s tastes, but when there is engineering as complex and multifaceted as the examples displayed on this 4 track, then some recognition surely should be cascaded down to its perpetrator, to give the infamous Deha more notoriety than he currently enjoys outside of the underground.

If you are ready for a riot and full on assault on your senses, flame the torches, darken the mood and carve out the pentagrams in blood, this will deliver your soul straight into the bowels of hell.

(8/10 Phil Pountney)