Galaxy are an Australian band, labelled as power/heavy metal. From the first real track ‘Dreaming Out’ (as ‘Traveller is an instrumental). You have a musical style matching some aspects of King Diamond’s solo work, however vocally, I get a James Rivera (Helstar/Destiny’s End) feel. An awesome power metal approach. Fast forward to the early Helloween speed inspired ‘Sons of Titan’, you realise Galaxy have a wealth of influences. In fact, as a release, it really works, there is a genuine cohesion in the EP.

With the closer and EP title track ‘Lost from the Start’ there’s a genuine need to sing along, they’ve captured harmony and the attention of the listener. There’s some great vocal workouts throughout the EP, there’s some cool guitar work. I feel this is the start of one of those underground bands that will figure highly in many music fans admiration, they have a lot to offer and this is a very enjoyable release. There is a lot of talent coming out of Australia in the last few years, Galaxy are light years (couldn’t resist sorry…) ahead of many other trying to adopt this stylistic approach. Galaxy are smooth and sophisticated and destined to work towards a promising career.

(8/10 Paul Maddison)