In contrast to the sprawling doom death epics that appeared on the split earlier this year, reviewed by fellow scribe Andrew Doherty (you can read about it here), whose description of slithering deathliness perfectly described those two songs, but here the songs are much shorter, indeed the eight tracks are over and done with in less than 25 minutes.

With a monster like vocal deployed within a framework of wailing sounds and dramatic virtually cinematic effects the intro piece sets the scene for aural demolition that appears via the obliterating “How To Destroy Christianism” where the annihilating scathing vocals drip malice and spit venom with every syllable. The incessant speed is metronomic with virtually no variation in the drum playing at all, preferring to play at insane speed which continues into “Fleshy Battering Ram” where that speed unremittingly shoves the sulphuric vocals down your throat. The songs blackened thrash approach is venomous as the pace momentarily drops before the blasting nihilism returns.

Air raid siren, marching feet can only be the pathway to more destructiveness and indeed the initial section of the song is ferocious velocity personified before the neat switch in pace that has an Aura Noir like vibe to it. However the crux of the song is the remorseless speed as an aura of inhumanity starts to be conjured where those caustic vocals feel like the guy is ceaselessly beating the shit out of you.

The very cool start to “Jesus The Pederast” has a tenet of old school Motörhead bolstered by some punk like angst. With intermittent speed surges the song offers some relief to the outright speed you have endured before the sub one minute blasting of “Pig Crap Shitty Christ” that borders grind to some extent. The Slayeresque opening with feedback a la “Hell Awaits” was well received before the pending explosion in speed which appears perfectly. However the song adopts a more melodic structure where the lead work filters in as an old school metal thrust reappears. Having not settled for just those phases the song then dives into a murky doom like piece with accompanying dirge like pace that has a mournful tone but still with those rabid vocals.

Closing the album is the title track and is the longest tune complete with a sample I’ll ignore as the song starts with continuous snare drum hits along with those terrifying vocals before the song hits the accelerator. This track has a more purist black metal aura as the vocals possess a demented homicidal lunacy. As the song returns to the drum beat of the start you can feel the tension ratcheting upwards again as deeper vocals bellow before speed. I really liked this song because of its continuous repetitive drum work but within that the song has that screeching dissonance tempered with melody that feels utterly horrifying as this Spanish act unveil an album that is devoid of passion but teeming with vitriolic rabidity.

(8/10 Martin Harris)