I saw this German black metal act pulverise the Netherlands Deathfest in 2017 and was obviously impressed by the act but didn’t hear anything from them after that, until now that is where the band unleashes battering obsidian malignancy. The opening sequence really sets the scene for what is to come, a menacing thud periodically struck before the detonating violence of opener “Parallax Endeavour”. The blasting speed is insane but incredibly increases in velocity to intensify the track even further to devastating effect. The track swerves into a bludgeoning double bass section to brilliant effect even if it is short-lived as “Lusting After A Burning Star” slows things down for a more gritty riff mingled with the macabre vocals that possess a sort of whisper style. The drum work adds massive amounts of power to this album, and alongside the bass work the sound is wholly cataclysmic with a densification that is implosive.

The atmospheric start to “Vertex” is creepy with background noise and voices crawling over you as the song evolves along a rapid blast beat line that steadily just seems to get faster and faster before the riff change insertion. That riff insertion switches the pace brilliantly, slowing it momentarily before it returns with absolute fiery wrath. The use of more haunting riffs is one this band does extremely well with “Mother And Executioner” providing an anguish riddled riff before the bombarding speed, but even here the song is imbibed with a sense of melody that infects all the songs. The constantly shifting tempos retain a sense of urgency throughout as a piercing lead penetrates the mix right at the point when the blast gets faster; incredible stuff.

Closing this behemoth of a release is the epic “Verdict” where the opening spine-chilling guitar melody runs rivulets of blackened terror down you but continually morphing, continually evolving as the song diverts abruptly into the sweeping ebonized assault. Again the vocals inject tantamount horror to the song as those fluidised tempo shifts pour out utter earthshattering dynamics proven by the plunge into background noise and spoken vocals that seem to give a portent of impending annihilation which arrives when the song returns to the destructive hatred.

Like the Ossuaire I have reviewed recently this is another superb black metal release that is more than a match for anything that has been released this year and I strongly urge you to check it out.

(9/10 Martin Harris)