Returning with album number four, these Swedes come back with another album for a “Friday night party”, in fact their music philosophies’ every night is a party. Right from the start you get the traditional metal influence, as I have mentioned in my many reviews of this band, they have a strong influence of British metal and in particular the NWoBHM movement. The standard already set high, where are they going with album number four?

Not too far from the tree thankfully. There are their trademark vocal harmonies included on such bangers as ‘Shadow Hunter’ and the title track ‘Highway of Heroes’. The latter is an easily memorable tune. ‘Halo’ and the aforementioned ‘Shadow Hunter’ are harder hitting and the energy is transferred to the listener with a high degree of quality. This is certainly a more focused release. Giving metallic release when required and giving strength and technicality in the quieter moments, although there are not that many! With some of the vocal phrasing I am drawn to Brian Ross of Blitzkrieg as a comparison, a couple of lines are spookily close to Ross’ tone. The style, pretty much encapsulates all that’s gone before, and as I have come to learn, being Swedish, they play out their art with such class and strength.

I have not found this as inspiring as their previous release ‘Hell Machine’, but in reality that doesn’t figure much as a statement as this is still a powerful metal release. You may have heard the single ‘Ride On’ prior to this album coming out, it’s a fine indication of the forthcoming album, although I would urge to get the full release, as there is much more bang for your buck in total.

Screamer have been to these shores previously, let’s hope they come back to a bigger support and also get recognition for their subtle but classy heavy metal that’s inspired very much by good old blighty.

(8/10 Paul Maddison)