This is the bands third full length album, a band with an image and they are a driving force in traditional metal circles. I have said before in earlier reviews, but think Bitch and Acid, then you are nearly there. Live these are a great powerful band and whilst the production on this new album doesn’t quite match the energy as depicted live, there’s some very nice material to enjoy.

‘The Devil’s Ecstasy’ shows a speedier momentum, this is where I feel Savage Master truly belong in terms of upbeat metal annihilation. Their new drummer (also featuring on their last EP ‘Creatures of the Flames’) is a solid addition providing the backbeat and foundation of the bewitching metal experience. ‘The Owl’ is very much a haunting experience, Stacey Savage’s vocals are really dramatic here, and they do sound totally at the mercy of the night and in keeping with the tracks lyrics. ‘High Priestess’ has some group vocal inclusions that tantalises the whole experience, it’s perfectly formed for live shows to get the crowd going. With the closer ‘Warrior Vs Dragon’ you gain an epic metal inspirational tune that builds and ends the album on a high note. The galloping precision of ‘Crystal Gazer’ stands out for me on the album

The artwork may look familiar to Cirith Ungol fans, I think it looks great and the album will be available on all formats…that’s CD, Cassette, Vinyl and digital. The formula follows the path of earlier efforts, the record itself and the persona of the band sits in high regard within this particular sub-genre and this is a record that will get a lot of love.

(7.5/10 Paul Maddison)