A seventeen-minute EP comprising of intro and two tracks from German black/death act Sacrilegious Rite. Short and…er.. Well. Not sweet. The intro, a little organ/keyboard passage arrives and ends I have to say to little effect or connection to the thundering riff of ‘Arise From The Sleep’. That pounds in on a mid to fast blackened death metal riff and barked gruff vocals. It has a tinge of the technical about it, a familiar sound but the kind you can’t entirely place. It’s nicely produced, a good dark sparkle to it but the song itself is what it is. Black/death of an orthodox if spirited style and nothing really hooks me I’m afraid.

Second song ‘Et Diabolus Incarnatus Est’ is a more epic in length song. Now ok black/death isn’t my general land for wandering but nor is it unfamiliar; just for example the recent Sathamel album which is excellent is still on steady rotation. However over nigh on twelve minutes this song riffs and blasts like a good ‘un with some neat drum fills and shifts in rhythm but really neither builds nor goes anywhere. There is nothing wrong with it and it is a solidly constructed, aggressive song but sadly neither musical hooks nor atmosphere grab me this time out.

Sorry I have to pass. Maybe one more for death metal fans looking for a little more devilry in their diet.

(5.5/10 Gizmo)