It ain’t easy being a KMFDM fan. I looked back and realised I hadn’t bought a new album since 2009 and had missed about three somehow. This is something that has to be rectified as, well if ever there were times made for this heavy beat machine its now. Cynical, relentlessly political, anti-fascist, megalomaniacal, godlike, angst riddled; the machine cranks up and crashes your party.

Shouting “Kill motherfucking fucker kill motherfucking kill mother fucker kill..” is a good way to start any album really so ‘KMF’ rolls in. Guitar riffs spatter the industrial beat with lyrics rapped and the general warning that the world leaders, some more than others, are here to kill you. It’s classic KMFDM, no question, and followed up by the belting, heads down drive of ‘No Regrets’ where the riff takes over and the hard vocals of Sascha Konietzko spit in your face.

Oh it’s so needed. This unswerving, unserving, teeth barred flare in the face of political systems going to hell in a handbasket.

‘Oh My Goth’ is more mellow with (I believe) Lucia Cifarelli exercising her soulful side on the vocals. A little sweet sensuality, maybe a little spite in there. It’s a cool little song and a marvellous vocal performance.

But we’re here for the ruck, yeah? The attack. Well the title track up next is that. Deception in the opening, persuading you to pucker up before ripping you a new one. “This planet is a paradise; a paradise for assholes…!” shouts the refrain. Lyrics rip with the beat perfect touch of the masters, sloganeering punches you in the forebrain, interludes of lazy slow night jazz whisper around “the political elite must be derailed” and dub steps its way out.

WDYWB is a pulsing, dance beat heaven meant to be listened to as well. Full on soul vocals from Cheryl Wilson push through the neon sweat beat. Rivet heads rejoice; this is your dance adrenaline fix. You’re in the middle of a quality KMFDM album and where else would you want to be? The sinuous ‘Piggy’ slips trip hop around metal and a weird little whisper of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult before that insistent little tricky refrain niggles and nibbles at your ear. ‘Disturb The Peace’ is the incitement to riot as “fascism is in fashion again”. “How much more will you take? Ain’t no law they won’t break.” they point out as the metal guitar pushes between eerie Numan-esque keyboards and samples. ‘Automaton’ buzzes and stomps its way in like some lost animie theme. ‘Binge Boil & Blow’ brings back a certain Raymond <Pig> Watts to infect the squirming song with his disturbing vocals and a claustrophobic sound.

We also get an odd, almost gentle reworking of the classic ‘Megalomaniac’ but still with that awesome danceability just spliced to vocoder and tripped out dance house keyboards. And close with the electro-reggae of ‘No God’ which is a curious exit sign for me but, hey, we all need a chill out room.

So? Yeah. It’s a good ‘un. A very good one indeed. It’s driven by its time and its righteous anger; the KMFDM stamp of insight and slogan slinging, opposition and cynicism sharp and precise. If you’re a fan, they are right on form. If you’ve never checked out these monolithic, monomaniacal megalomaniacs before this is a great test bed.

Ain’t no doubt about it, KMFDM….rucks.

(8.5/10 Gizmo)