Blimey I thought I had been transported back in time to a John Peel radio session from the mid-80’s on first giving this a listen. Talk about the most girlie vocals I have heard in many a year. Sugar coated, saccharine and yummy and that is a good thing even if it was a bit of a surprise. The lady in question Lorena Cachito is from Spanish band Window Pane and has also joined Vodun recently. It should also be noted she doesn’t just sing sweetly but thwacks the drums in Golden Legacy too. Sharing duties is guitarist Yanni Georgiou from Butcher In The Fog and together they released part I of this project’s EP’s back in 2016. What we have here is short and sweet, essentially a 5 track EP but if you are thrown by my opening gambit it is not bubblegum pop in the slightest and has weight and heft aplenty.

‘Moon’ pounds in with rugged drumming and fuzzy stoned guitar ballast set on a collision course for earth, a groove is built up and then those vocals… Yeah you really need to hear them and they will be the defining factor on whether you like this or not. I can almost place them from something lost in the dust of time from the aforementioned great one’s radio shows but not quite. They are somewhere nestling between the Anarcho punk of a group like Hagar The Womb and the bands that led the twee pop movement and cuddlecore (yep I’m not making this up) think Altered Images and their ilk. The brackish stoner doom licks act as a complete comparison and the effect is quite unlike anything you have probably heard before. After a head scratching listen all I can say is that I have grown rather fond of it.

‘Cut And Crash’ is 1:30 secs, part drum solo part acerbic shred ala a band like Sonic Youth and a number with definite nods to the riot grrrl scene. Crikey Lorena can belt her parts out in every respect. ‘Dirty Mouth’ goes all psyche before limbering out with noise rock tendencies, there really is a bit of everything here and that helium balloon vocal adds to it all leaving the listener straddling worlds and wondering if they had accidently ingested musical hallucinogens. All very, very strange as Alice would say before tumbling down the rabbit-hole of ‘Salvation’ to be thrown around by rugged drums, chugging guitars and vocals that sound like they could have escaped from a song by The Primitives. It would not be cliché to say last song and longest number ‘Thirsty’ leaves me exactly that for more and this is a very interesting band to be sure. “Talulah Gosh” is the perfect exclamation and I bet Golden Legacy are great fun live too although if you stumble into one of their show’s I bet you will feel like you have fallen down into a very strange time-warp.

(7.5/10 Pete Woods)