I’m having a whale of a time right now, 2019 is one of the strongest years for music in a long time. I’ve divulged into so much from the killer records of Rammstein, Tool and Equipoise to Pop records and beyond. This is a year of expansion and of great things yet to come. A host of emerging and returning artists and strengths in countless genres. Regardless of what music you’re into 2019 is surely a good year. The best part about it all though is it still isn’t over! I honestly can’t recount a more fruitful year since perhaps 2014.

Continuing the barrage of brilliant releases I present to you the latest album from Baltimore US heavyweights Visceral Disgorge. The band have had their bumps along the way formed initially as Eaten Alive in 2004 the band then split in 2006 only to then rise from the ashes under the banner Visceral Disgorge in 2007. A further split followed in 2009, yet this was short lived and in the same year they were back together and have remained a unit since. The band’s debut Ingesting Putridity came in 2011 and was met with much acclaim from the underground Brutal Death Metal community. Now in 2019 after an eight year wait fans are finally graced with the band’s sophomore record Slithering Evisceration through Agonia Records.

The album begins with a haunting titular instrumental, fitting but slightly unnecessary despite its decent riffs. Then it’s straight into Fucked Into Oblivion, which is full of breakneck speed and full on Brutal Death Metal ferocity. Not to mention the nasty gutturals which float amid the chaos like gurgles of the dead. Architects Of Warping Flesh serves to give us a taster of the bands more Slam influence another strong track that is traditional in its delivery. Absorbed By The Swarm rounds off the first half of the album well with its impressive riffs and general Brutal Death Metal qualities.

Although all this said it really shows you how strong 2019 is when and album like this is just good. On any other year this would probably blow things right out of the park but put this up against Implements Of Hell or Horrific Demise and there really is no competition. Siphoning Cosmic Sentience is at least another crushing track with a good helping of Slam influence and impressive drum patterns that show great skill. For all my grumbles I somewhat jest as Necrotic Biogenesis proves to be another vile display of putrid sickness, giving us more of those signature pinch harmonics that long time Brutal Death Metal fans will know and love. Indeed the second half of this album proves to be so much more than the albums start, with Spawn Of Putridity soaked in massive Slams and closer Transfixed In Torture proving a success also. Alas the concluding tracks length only leads to disappointment as we are left waiting in silence for nothing more than a comical sample, a complete waste of time considering the band haven’t put out an album in eight years.

All in all Slithering Evisceration is above average, and by that I mean it’s pretty damn good. There are moments where it doesn’t quite cut the mustard but when it hits it hits hard. I will say however that I feel the albums length is a detriment to its quality. Generally I don’t care about this sort of thing, an album can be but ten minutes and still be blinding. Yet in the case of Slithering Evisceration there could be so much more to begin with a pointless instrumental and to end with minutes of silence is a bit of a kick in the teeth. Yet I mustn’t throw my hammers out of the pram this is still a strong record and well worth a shout for any budding Brutal Death Metal purists out there.

(7/10 George Caley)