Whilst this Chilean blackened death outfit has only one previous full length they have a plethora of splits and demos in their back catalogue. The curiously named South American bunch whose name is derived from a combination of Slaughter and Sabbath through my investigations have released an annihilating second album that offers little respite from the moment it starts off. The sinister fade in with demonic vocals on the opener ‘Ritual Bloodbath’ is prime old school blackened corrosion as the blast beat inundates in waves of hellish wrath. And when they inject the double bass the result is wholly devastating as “Resurrection By Immortal Scorn” pulverises with a fine sickening riff that owes something to crust for its filthy style.

Slowing fractionally for the opening to “Cavern Of Misanthropy” complete with demonic incantations before the song gathers momentum and volleys the double bass over your head as the infernal sonic rage is unleashed when the song detonates into blasting frenzy. Though my superlatives suggest an unceasing barrage the songs do have some cracking riff breaks glued to the blasted sections and especially when the band thrusts elongated piercing lead breaks. A bone splintering riff greets you on “Prophetic Crucifixion” that takes you back to the 80s when death metal was unfettered sonic anarchy.

Slowing things down, “Rejoined Into Chaos” hints at a softer poise with semi acoustic guitar work and calm bass as the song drifts into a permeating drum deluge that just empowers the song with punishing fervour right before the cymbal smashing insert and blast; the impetus here is just perfect. Returning to consummate violence is the title track where you are thrust head first into purgatorial potency where the catchy the riff and drum work infuse the song with savage melody. There is little deceleration towards the back end of the album either as the release capitalises on the drive by wrapping “Celestial Overthrow” in a barbed blitzing barrage that leaves only “Ascension To The Dragon’s Throne” to completely demolish your soul as the song revels in a slower style yet inherently beastly that escalates to the tumultuous exploding finale. Caustic, corrupting and colossal this Chilean monster has unleashed an aural apocalypse.

(9/10 Martin Harris)