I would struggle to think of a new genre of Metal that has had as much of an impact as Black Metal has had. Sure you have Nu-Metal, Deathcore, Metalcore and even Groove Metal but all of these genres have as much hate as they do love. Black Metal really represents quite appropriately the final stand, the last call of the trve. It set out to be the most menacing and evil form of Metal and it was, from its infamous crimes to the actual music. It will always be to me the last genre of Metal. By which I mean I don’t there will ever be a new genre that opens the floodgates quite like Black Metal did, but then again most things have been done now.

Upholding the Blackened banner and tossing in a little Thrash for extra kreig points are the aptly Norwegian quartet Nocturnal Breed. The band formed in 1996 and latterly unveiled their 1997 debut Aggressor. It’s the sort of record that occasionally crops up in ‘classic Black Metal’ lists and the sort. Thus it is the main album that has given them their legacy, a legacy that has lasted through five full lengths and now in 2019 we are granted a sixth, We Only Came For The Violence through Folter Records. Yet is it as good as the bands classic era or are they simply holding onto outdated ethics and ideals.

The apocalyptic introduction of Iron Winter is full of warfare and eerie tones, normally I don’t care much for this sort of pontification but here it works well. Choke On Blood then gives us our first taste of the all out Thrash attack that is relentlessly Slayer inspired via its guitar and drum works and full of Speed Metal fury in the vocals. The vocals are almost like a mutated combination of Venom, Midnight and Agent Steel, very enjoyable indeed. The catchy nature carries through to Nekrohagel and its nigh on Sodom delivery. The same can again be said for the titular track and those that follow through the first half of the release, with the exception of the more lacklustre Desecrator perhaps. I’ve grown a touch tiresome of these rehashed records as of late but this is one that I can’t help but like despite its generic touches.

Opening the second portion of the record is another ‘intro’ this time one that is absolutely pointless. I used to see these sort of interludes as a sort of ‘time to recover’ but I don’t want to recover, whence I’m amid the filth I simply want it to continue. Alas the slower Sharks Of The Wehrmact doesn’t disappoint, interludes no, slower songs yes. It’s a banger full of old school Thrash riffs and flare, a real pleaser for fans of the trve. Sure enough the remainder of this album is strong but by the time we get to the lengthy Can’t Hold Back The Night it all gets a little repetitive leaving the final couple of tracks in the dust. By no means am I against this release, as stated previously I’m somewhat fond of it, but for all its catchiness it cannot escape the embrace of the tried and tested.

Overall We Only Came For The Violence is good, and if you’re a firm fan of Black Thrash then this is sure to tick all the right boxes. For me is it anything new? Absolutely not, but sometimes that’s okay. It’s what could be described as foot-tapping Metal, good enough to pop on or recommend to a friend but nothing to rant or rave about to any sort of great extent. However it is great to see a band like Nocturnal Breed still smashing out some awesome bangers that will hopefully see greater things for this band, as far as I’m concerned I’d put it up there with their classic material.

(7/10 George Caley)