I’ve said it a million times on here but I love Death Metal, and 2019 is proving to be one hell of a year for the genre. I honestly think that right now there has never been a better time to get into Death Metal. There’s something for everyone from the Technical guitar nerd riffs of Equipoise to the huge crushing Slams of Devourment and into the deep cavernous drones of Tomb Mold, if you can’t find something to enjoy then honestly there’s no pleasing you. That list of artists also shows something, every little sub-genre is booming it’s not just a spike in one element of the genre it’s right across the board, all hail this new age of barbarity!

With a massive backing of Brutal Death influence (which I shall delve into in just a moment) Horrific Demise are a USA based shall we say supergroup with members from Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana. Alas not just from different states but also some incredible bands. There are members of Lust Of Decay, Necrotic Disgorgement, Human Fillited, Gorgasm, Regurgitation, ex-Lividity, ex-Coathanger Abortion and so on. This is a barrage of some of Brutal Death Metal’s finest, yet can they work together? Having formed in 2005 the band have certainly taken their time in giving us this debut offering through Comatose Music, let’s hope it’s as promising as it sounds.

The album kicks off with Born From Brutality which comes packed with massive drums, riffs, Slams and killer vocals. I mean seriously this is some inspiring stuff that clearly draws a lot of influence from Brutal Death Metal’s early days whilst showing it off as a unique collection of sickness. Suicidal Frenzy continues the crushing might, Matt Bishop’s Lividity flare shines forth through the mix proving his prowess and signature tone through both speed and crushing Slam tinged moments, not to mention the ballsy solos found throughout the release. Along with this comes Anthony Voight’s aggressive Gorgasm vocals that come across with total disgust and malice finding a middle ground between Brutal Death Metal and the traditional Old School. The remainder of this first half is a descent to the glory days of Brutal Death Metal especially so in the massive Maggot Ridden Human Feast. This early era worship is something I can really appreciate and get behind and despite the fact that I like the modern age of Death Metal this is essentially the big middle finger that says the old ways will forever rule.

I’ve seldom even touched upon the drumming, seriously this could be some of the strongest drumming I’ve heard in years. Kyle Christman must be some sort of inhuman machine, he pummels the kit with such vigour that it becomes more than an underlay and indeed a standout performance throughout. The second half of the album is equally as strong and without a single fault, Voracious Cravings showing off yet more of that twin guitar might from both Bishop and Tony Tipton a combination that is utterly perfect, rarely do you find a set of musicians so in tune with each other as Horrific Demise clearly are. The final push comes through the destructive Until Only We Remain which is every bit as majestic as its counterparts and displays the most cataclysmic Slam, honestly as a long-time fan of the genre this could bring me to tears!

I can’t even begin to tell you how good Excruciating Extermination is. This supergroup just seemed to appear out of the blue with a list of bands behind then that is like a playlist from my ipod at age 16. I feel like I want to congratulate each and every member of this band personally for their performance on this masterpiece. Matt Bishop was actually quoted as saying the following on the Murder Metal Mayhem Podcast “If anyone can say they’ve done their Reign In Blood, this is mine. If I didn’t do one more album after this, I’d be cool with that.”. Honestly I see his point, musicians often get a sense of pride regarding their own work, the old ‘this is the best album we’ve ever done’ troupe. Yet seriously this is one of the best Brutal Death Metal albums I’ve heard in years and it is entirely without fault.

(10/10 George Caley)