You know what? Gurt are just a shit load of fun. “Party doom” without a doubt. Live, they’re complete killers. The best bit though, is that they capture that vibe on record consistently which is a very important part of their aura. The London boys have been around since 2010. EP’s and LP’s have arrived at consistent regularity thankfully. Last album “Skullossus” in 2017 was a monster full of head banging glory. This scribe is therefore very grateful and excited to have his ears bombarded with a new Gurt offering. The track listing is enough to bring a smile before the needle even drops. ”Bongs Of Praise” is likely to be a riotous affair…

Everything you could want from a new Gurt album explodes into life on “Dr Strangeleaf” as they smash everything in style with a bruising riff guaranteed to be a venue crusher. The pace is fast and furious and the titles vindicate that urge to chuckle. “Weed It And Weep” and “Rolling Stoned” are full of grotty goodness shoved along by Gareth Kelly’s throat shredding vocals. The drum work from Bill Jacobs is frenetic and combined with David Blakemore’s bass they keep that familiar fast paced groove that bleeds into grimy, doom paced breaks that are almost edible.

The album’s second half doesn’t take the foot off the accelerator but there are moments where, song titles aside, there is a darker element to the band’s sound. “Gauze And Effect” is classic full on doom sludge, Gurt style. There’s sort of an irresistible ugliness with razor blade spitting vocals and the sound of demons being exorcised. Closing with title track, “Bongs Of Praise” which solidifies that darker sound and has an even greater sense of attack, it has a more unusual vibe than what I’d expect but definitely in a good way. That gnarly riff from Richard Williams seems to be on a quest for heaviness and as the title suggest, this is all about the worship.

Simply put, “wow”. This album is just straight out fun that just makes you want to move. The Gurt party seems to know no end. I, for one cannot wait to hear these numbers live. Grab a copy and party on…you know you want to.

(8/10 Johnny Zed)