Starting with American news clips talking of alleged CIA killings during the Bush administration Grevia unleash 6 tracks of furious Deathgrind. This Sicillian Trio of Vocalist Padride Mercurio, Bassist Vincenzo Frisella and Giorgio Trombino on guitars are no slouches. Joined in the studio by guest drummer Davide Billia of Hour of Penance and Beheaded Grevia mix brutal death metal with urgent grind hyperblasts to great effect. Whilst opener Marked Bodies is a maelstrom of fury that whips across the eardrums and through the head like death metal storm the band show they can use pace and groove to great effect. 091 opens sounding like early Deicide with real crunch and groove before pulling back on the reins for a death doom section and piercing metal guitar break. All this before hurtling over a grind cliff in a crash of guitars and frenetic drumming. So. Much. Energy!

Even Open Hole is 90 seconds of rapid-fire madness wrapped around a ten second break of heaviosity. This sounds fresh and fun and a great antidote to the constant buzz of social media and waffle that surrounds us in modern life. Misophonia is hatred of sound. The blurb which accompanies this release states that Grevia want to use their sonic violence to save the listener from being driven to distraction by the white noise of humanity.  A big reach to be sure, but one that these guys seem capable of giving a good shot.

Nu Clear has a great death thrash riff throughout, peppered with blastbeats and traded rasping and deep death vocals.  Consumed is foot to the throat, pedal to the metal grindage. Each musician sounds like they have been let off the leash with guitars firing off across thunderous bass lines while the drummer blasts and twitches until I fear for his sanity or safety.

This short sharp shock comes to an end with No Escape which opens with a discordant spiky guitar line before descending into a Nile like rumbling death trance.

Grevia have produced a great debut which sounds as youthful and urgent as it does polished and triumphant. Give it a whirl.

(8/10 Matt Mason)