I could sum this release up in a short paragraph….

“like splatter movies?……  like death/grind?……. like death/grind that’s all about splatter movies? If the answer’s yes, then stop reading this now and buy this EP!”

But then the editor would think I’m even lazier than I actually am. So let me expand that….. but not by much.

Cropsy Maniac is the demented brain (damaged) child of Mr Aaron Whitsell (guitars / bass) and have been hurling up some awesome death metal since the brilliantly named “Shear Terror” EP in 2014. See…..Aaron is a total horror geek and there is nothing this chap likes more than some good quality splatter and if you didn’t know already, the band are named after the garden shear wielding, burnt faced lunatic  in 1981’s fantastic “The Burning”. Not seen in? check it out….. it’s a blast!

This 16-17min long, eight track EP is the band’s fourth release and comes hot on the heels of last year’s brilliant split with ridiculously named Spanish nut-cases Gruesome Stuff Relish.  “Carnage” is the bands best release to date and features Travis Ruvo (Echelon / Akatharta & the forthcoming Troikadon) on drums, my handsome Swedish sasquatch, Jonny Pettersson (God’s Forsaken / Heads For The Dead / Just Before Dawn / Wombbath / Nattraven and the fantastic Henry Kane) on bass and the busy Swede also also handled the mixing / mastering on this EP. The vocals are belched forth by Kevin Reece (Devour) who gives a sickeningly phlegmy performance here.

Peppered with samples this is some old school video nasty shit and the boys deliver some of the finest deathgrind you’ll hear this year. Like I said this blasts by in short order and I guarantee you’ll be left dribbling, mumbling about hideously deformed murderous bastards but more importantly wanting more! My fave track is “The Devils Rain”  (what a fucking great film that was……. Shatner, Travolta, LaVey, Borgnine…… if you don’t like that film we can’t be friends) but every one of the eight tracks is a heavy as fuck kaleidoscope of filthy grinding riffs and wonderfully organic sounding drums that will leave you feeling like a kid with a belly full of Skittles and Sunny Delight that’s just got off a roundabout!

This is a killer record and if you like Massacre, Mortician etc you’ll lap it up. Oh and bonus death metal Top Trumps points for the cover art by Kam Lee. Don’t know who he is? Then fuck off!

(9/10 Mark Eve)