Name a death metal band from Spain….come on quick….. you can’t can you. Well, I can…. And not only are Come Back From The Dead from  A Coruña but they are killer too!

What does Spanish death metal sound like? Well if this five-piece are anything to go by then Spanish death metal is a tropical mix of old Autopsy and early Entombed but with a modern vibe and the result is great. This is the bands third release and follows on from 2017s excellent “Caro Data Verbius” EP. “The Rise Of The Blind Ones” however perfectly distils the band’s sound into a seething, squirming death metal beast with plenty of memorable moments to ensure a shit-ton of replays.

Album opener “Outcast Of The Light” starts of with an eerie, doomy & discordant lead before pulling the trigger and tearing off at full speed in a full on Stockholm inspired sonic attack. A crackingly thrashy opener that puts you in a head-lock and uses your dome to open a corridor full of doors.  “Martyr Of A Gruesome Demise” is pure Autopsy but tighter. Track three, “Restless In Putrescence” is my fave track and more thrash than death and had me thinking of classic German bands like Exumer & Assassin. This is a total banger which changes pace midway before hitting the gas and roaring off like Max Rockatansky has hit the supercharger on his V8 Interceptor.

“Jugular 1” & 2 follow and aren’t quite as impressive but “Nebulaes Of Malevolent Shining” hits with a total Iommi – a – like riff and the band hit the “doom button” and show how they can transition from balls out speed to crushingly heavy with ease. It’s variety like this that distinguishes Come Back From The Dead from other lesser death metal bands. This is a great track and really showcases all the band members’ talents, a real highlight.

The remainder of the album keeps the standard high with “Lick My Hands Wild Beasts” being another thrashy gem along with album closer “Possessed By The Death” being the two stand outs at the back end.

The album does have somewhat of a lo-fi production sound compared to some more recent sterile releases but to me it just adds to the bands claustrophobic and grimy vibe.

This is a big leap forward musically from their previous EP and these Spaniards fully deserve to be taken seriously. A big fat bonus point for including a sample from my absolute favourite Hammer film as the album outro….Class!


(8/10 Mark Eve)