Band name and album title should leave you no clue left to find as to the musical style of these Americans, who have a heavy Scandinavian sound and a deathly vocal howl practiced by bands making a touch more extreme gore form of death metal. I have followed the band for a while now on a particular music platform and have been waiting eagerly for this to be released.

Comparing to ‘A Scream from the Tomb Below’, we have a development in the song structures and precision. The overall stance, style and delivery remains consistent with earlier efforts. The same can be said for the artwork, in which I have a particular preference for. The ghastly howl and terror is no better depicted than on ‘Fumes of Dying Bodies’ and even from the opening sickening ‘From Rotten Guts’. Another US band featured as an influence is Exhumed, for the American and lyrical reference, these enter my mind along with Autopsy. For the Swedish influence, well, that’s easy, the big three for me (Entombed, Dismember and Grave). When the blackened riffs appear, then that may set your Necrophobic senses stirring, in some quarters, God Macabre springs to mind. Whether you are ‘Dripping Tombs’ (an interesting concept!) or stuck within ‘Dead Veins’, this albums remains sick and awesome in its delivery from start to end. Proving once again, the US scene that ranges across the sub-genres is extremely healthy and needs to get itself over to the UK and Europe to capitalise.

From their earlier material, ‘Buried Deep in a Bottomless Grave’ hits all the nasty death metal markers, the artwork, the production, they lyrics and the music. As fire rages in the presence of Oxygen, Witch Vomit rage their mighty death metal carnage to a very high degree on their latest opus. Strong enough for the next stage of their career and certainly more worthy than others have become. Witch Vomit are sick, ghastly and quite frankly rotten; you got to love it. It’s well loved here.

(8.5/10 Paul Maddison)