Uniform and The Body’s first collaboration ‘Mental Wounds Not Healing’ was founded on a mutual appreciation of each other’s work; ‘Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back’ was written in the wake of high demand for more of the electrifying horror the four had conjured on their previous effort. The title is lifted directly from the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’, and that’s where any similarities between these two bands and “The Boss” end. This latest release delves deeper into each of the respective acts’ repertoires to create a record that’s unsettling while maintaining an obscurely rhythmic beat.

Amidst a frenzy of hip-hop beats, dream-pop synths and pumping electro beats, Chip and Michael take over vocal duties in tandem – Chip’s banshee shrieks a startling juxtaposition to Michael’s punk-inspired diatribe. The entire experience is akin to Dälek on a bad acid trip, even in its darkest, most depraved sounding moments it will keep you wanting more, with that alluring danceable beat. Imagine the outcome to a brief of “we need you to write the set list for a nightclub, but everyone inside is having an existential crisis. And the building’s on fire.”

There’s a raw talent to being able to plumb the depths of your darkest thoughts and then put that to music, however, it’s one that Uniform and The Body have perfected. If this is the last time that these two bands ever share record space, then they have ended their alliance on a high. If there’s more to come, then the unrelenting hellish soundscapes that will ensue are eagerly anticipated. ‘Everything That Dies…’ is a triumphant addition to the noise community and one that’s not to be missed by anyone with even a passing interest in the genre.

(8/10 Angela Davey)