This is Sacrilege’s third release since their 2012 comeback, their 7th in total, whilst always featuring on the darker and heavier side of the NWoBHM movement, they certainly don’t disappoint. Having caught this band live quite a few times now, some of the tracks have been aired previously, so it’s refreshing to hear the studio version. One in particular, “Lies” is quite a mobile track. Starting out all quiet and kicking into action with a massive scream from vocalist and guitarist Bill Beadle. The powerhouse drumming from Neil “the devil himself” Turnbull is prominent. Having seen live as previously mentioned, this chap is full of enthusiasm and really gets into the mood of the songs, especially adding changes to face masks through various songs. Jeff Rolland’s bass is precise, effortless and also powerful and it’s really nice to hear him back to the fold after a relatively recent accident. The trio of permanent members who recorded this release, really set the foundations and the standards high. The album is very consistent, doesn’t overstretch and is therefore very rooted in the dark realms of British heavy metal that Sacrilege are known to dwell.

Simplicity is key, Sacrilege don’t require a million notes per second the get their message across, with strong mid-range tempo tunes in plentiful supply, you can take heart with the title track ‘The Court of the Insane’ and an emotive track in ‘No Bequeath’. The latter begins with the vocal, then kicks in with the guitar work.

Artwork, well, their last couple of releases have been rather special, this one is another masterpiece painting. Overall, recording in Ascape Studios in Kent (UK) has worked out well. David Lear’s mix and mastering has captured the power, energy and vigour of a band I really enjoy listening too and don’t fail to entertain. ‘The Court of the Insane’ is not just another Sacrilege album, I actually feel this is stronger than their last effort ‘Six6Six’, the songs sound more grounded, precise and are captured well on this recording.

(8/10 Paul Maddison)