I can’t believe it is seven years since this German band released their third effort “Vortex Of Violence” a release that holds aloft the banner of true thrash metal. I never caught onto the band back in the 90s when thrash and other more extreme metal genres were seen as dirty words with the explosion of nu-metal etc. However a retrospective listen to their old material and said first two albums again held that sceptre of gritty thrash metal high as this fourth album should regain some momentum captured by the third album which if you’ve not heard plus their earlier material I urge you to do so.

However back in 2019 the bands fourth album is a huge step up in terms of musicianship, song writing and overall accomplishment that initiates with the rawness of “Pride Of Creation” where a squealing lead insertion catalyses the surge in speed. The variations in tempo are an asset to this album as diversions into more melodic interludes enables all the songs to breathe melody yet balanced by intrinsic wrath. “Progress Paradox” has a very cool opening riff that nestles very snugly in your head, as the bands Euro-centric thrash style produces copious savage riffs textured with subtle guitar hooks that continues into the much quicker “Theo-Crazy”. The snapping drum work inflicts sonic whiplash as the vicious guitar sound has been captured brilliantly.

“Empires Of Evil” has a great riff that slices into the song, which has a chaotic approach but no less ferocious as the band incorporate a plethora of linking riffs and hooks as things slow down hugely for “Mutilation Ritual” and immediately you’ll be thinking of old Metallica on the opening sequence. The slower pace allows a more tuneful riff to appear, as the momentary speed insertions inject power. I should add that this album has been based on a concept according to the promo info that sees the band tackling the well ploughed field of humanity’s existence on this planet and the damage we inflict at the expense of nature if my interpretation is correct.

“Scientific Ideals” returns to the speedier style with neck snapping drum work as that snare cracks hard as like the rest of the album the song boasts plenty of riff changes that keeps the listener on their toes. Maintaining the speed is “Wimpreaper” a true pit anthem that is beastly in its heaviness, and savage in its fury before closing with “The Worst Is Yet To Come”. The ominous opening salvo reeks of menace as a slower dense riff succumbs to short waves of speed. This aspect of the bands song writing is a real asset and major focus where each song slashes the listener with constant tempo fluctuations as all thrash exponents will get a kick out of this album as I hope I can catch them on a future tour at some point on UK shores.

(8/10 Martin Harris)