The notes that come with this EP are gracious, and suggest a good deal of intensity. The explanation and much more that this work is the artist’s “sonic trip through inner doubt and emotions” is all the more remarkable for the fact that this ep is only 10 minutes long. In fact the thoughtfulness within the words reminds me a lot of my friend and the artist’s fellow Finn Kenneth Kovasin of [ówt krì] – now that would be an interesting collaboration. The difference lies in the style. “Chameleon Wasteland” is four pieces of atmospheric metal.

To describe it in fact as “atmospheric metal” alone is too mundane. The expected intensity is there but right through from “The Solid Ground” to “The Quicksand” this is a mesmerising and progressively evocative journey, aided by an expansive sound scope. The instrumental work is tricky and sophisticated, but heavy and progressive. The djent of “Home Anew” leads us from expansive reflection through to dark anger. The guitar work is crusty and rich, supporting the anger and intense emotion of the vocals. Tensions rise as “Hyphen” blasts off at breakneck speed, before allowing space for the vocals, which are mixed to evoke a distant vulnerability. “We sometimes smile because we’re afraid”, he cries. The soaring vocals and to a degree Opeth-like instrumentals have a strongly majestic air about them. Strangely in spite of the reflection, I did not sense melancholy until the final piece “The Quicksand”. This work is too subsumed by anger, intensity, and even suggestions of violent and chaotic turmoil for that.

Not only does this short work deserve to be heard but it should be heard. “Chameleon Wasteland” has great atmosphere and balance. Of course it would be nice if it was longer, and hopefully we’ll get to hear more from Tørrential in future.

(8.5/10 Andrew Doherty)