Twenty minutes is all you get so pay attention numbnuts! This is nasty, dirty metal punk encrusted with sacrificial blood and beer stains.  This is the Finnish trio’s debut full length following on from their self titled demo in 2015.

The production is raw, like gravel rash raw but that just adds to the gutter punk feel. Rad Pitt’s vocals drift in and out like Nocturno Culto on Circle The Wagons era. His guitar sound is like a blunted bone saw tearing through flesh. Son Stalker behind the kit has a delightfully sloppy action that slathers each track with rolls and splashes whilst Cliff Hunger fires off dirty bass riffs like a corrupt copper in South America fires tear gas.

If you like the dirtier Darkthrone, GG Allin, Satan’s Wrath, Sabbat (JP) and Repulsion you will be all over this.  With titles like “Eight Rapes a Week” “Nuns and Doses” and “Slay Scum Day” this is not agitprop anarcho punk. This is delightfully daft filth.

It is as though Scumripper have bottled the energy of NYHC in ’82 and chugged it down with a chaser of Venom and Bathory.  The aforementioned “Slay.Scum.Day” has a Motorhead rumble to it that made warts grow on my ears!  So much reverb on the vocal!  “Rock the Bone” at 54 seconds is like “That’s not my name” by silly popsters The Ting Tings dragged through a bush of blunted hypodermics.

Each track is just filthy, wonderfully filthy. Like the magazines we used to find in the park back in the 80’s.

“Put a boot to his Cock” a 36 second blast of blackened Oi is summat that is worthy of Nattefrost.

The final track “Death Wish” is an unholy black metal maelstrom with venomous vocals and a ridiculously childlike guitar break and bass scale. It’s ruddy wonderful .

This is like a blast in the face with a nuclear party popper. Facemeltingly fun.

(7.5 /10 Matt Mason)