Splits are a great way to taste bands. Like a double dipper – you get two flavours of sherbet – just the right amount of each . No time to get bored. Splits have long been the medium for punks, grinders and guttural Black metallers and we the great unwashed snuffle up the fizzy powder.

On the bizarrely entitled “Encomium of Depraved Instincts” Turkish Black-thrashers Sarinvomit team up with the also comically named Eggs of Gomorrh from Switzerland.  This joint release from Krucyator Productions and Atavism Records contains two exclusive studio tracks and two live tracks from both bands all packed into 31 minutes.

Sarinvomit kick things off with “The Glorious Might of Deccal” a furious spiky slab of black fury that sounds as though it was recorded in Chislehurst caves.  The speed and ferocity brings to mind early Discharge and the second track “Screwing the Nailed Prophets” even has sections that make me think of Napalm Death – if filtered through sweaty corpse paint and spikes (which I something I can imagine Shane Embry being into).  There are traditional second wave of BM elements in there to and even a Slayeresque drum ending.

The two live tracks are from NRW Deathfest an underground DIY death metal festival that takes place in Wermelskrichen in Germany .

As you may expect the recordings are gloriously noisy and chaotic sounding, sounding more like a recording from side of stage rather than from the desk. However, I gotta say that I now have a true idea of what Sarinvomit must sound like live having heard “Spreading VX gas over Kaaba “ and “Pandemonic Radiation Descends” . The live tracks are not an easy listen due to the sound quality but certainly capture the energy of the band. Best served in person though I reckon.

Eggs of Gomorrh embrace a big zombiefied corpse fist full of death metal with to go with their dark riffage. They kick off their half of the split (cadaver) with “Redemption Martyr” a maelstrom of brutal death metal without a breakdown in sight. Old school raw attack from the get go.

“Shrine of Disgust” reminds me of Nuclear Assaults “Hang the Pope” as it starts. It soon thrusts into a cacophony of grindy death that unsettles and compels me in equal measure. At this point I notice that both the studio tracks by Eggs are 3 minutes and 17 seconds long. Spooky!

Eggs of Gomorrh’s two live tracks were recorded in Hamburg and are not as raw as their Turkish disc mates. “Goat Inkvizitor” is up first. A noisy blast of black/death that doesn’t really move me in any way. How something can sound pedestrian whilst being at such high BPM I do not know.

“Whore of Sodom” is more like it. A little punky back beat and some bestial black brutaility. Guttural vocals and eerie riffs complete with guitar shrieks that sound like car horns. Love it.

This split is a lot of fun and a great intro to two fairly new bands in Europe’s extreme divisions.

(7/10 Matt Mason)