It’s been four years since their debut, and my expectations are high for this one. The San Diego based quintet’s debut was a psychedelic master class, reminiscent of messiah’s Cream, Hendrix, Uriah Heep and so on. This one, well, they have used their time wisely.

As soon as the opener and title track gets going, you feel the warmth and expansion of their sound. Whilst their debut was more jam-laden blues rock, this is taking in softer influences and developing the arrangement. Yes the jamming is still present, it’s just more mature. There is a ballad and the closer ‘You Beautiful Demon’ is quite folk-orientated. They have definitely crossed a boundary and are pushing further. You will hear influences from many sources; the original ones still remain as penned above. You do have a general warmth and clarity through this album.

This time around, I haven’t picked out individual tracks; it’s a proper album, to listen to in its entirety although I’ll leave a hint to check out ‘Affirmation’ and ‘Armistice’. Lyrically, there’s reference to trusting one’s self and whatever you feel is mundane in your life, something beautiful will come along and change your outlook. It’s not therapy, but it gives you a nice feeling of positivity whilst jamming with the classic sounds of folk and blues rock of halcyon days gone by.

Sacri Monti have rolled out the red carpet and invited you to this smooth, strong, album listening party, a level of quality is higher than ever without sacrificing their original blueprint. Luck would have it, they’ll make a UK appearance very soon, I am sure this will be an uplifting and enlightening experience if you can make it.

(8/10 Paul Maddison)