Dis pyt, dat pyt, any pyt this lot play near is likely to result in a neck wrecked and a pile of bodies on the floor. Puns aside this is serious and full on crust punk from Finland and although you may not have heard of the band I was somewhat surprised when digging up some info on them that the lead yeller and bassist is none other than Mathias Lillmåns aka Vreth of Finntroll. That ponders the question what on earth is going on with those manic miners, they have been rather quiet for a while? That aside Dispyt are likely to have a more sensitive hurdy-gurdy Finnish folk metal fan having a coronary if they stumbled across them expecting more of the same as together with members of Gangrened & Ondfødt this is a savage beast make no mistake. This is something that is instantly obvious even if we did just get a scant 7 minutes or so of music on 7” vinyl Livsglädje which arrived with a loud crunch on the doormat a few days ago. As always with these sort of endeavours this is strictly limited edition but with 150 copies a step up from the 60 that were issued of debut album ‘Den ständigt närvarande ångesten’ back in 2017.

Proving it’s not just the Swedes that can deliver this sort of d-beat racket we get a veritable Finnish crust overload here in just 4 short but lethal numbers. The title of the record appears to translate to ‘Joy Of Life’ and the track titles and everything about this are in their native tongue. Dropping the needle on side a) you won’t have time to even think about this though or really go looking for any deeper meaning as the band bomb straight in with ‘Men Ändå Ska Man Dit.’ Thick drumming and a crusty guitar and bass assault hit right between the eyes as this Discharges at high velocity. Vocals are raw and roar formidably. There’s time for a fetid death belch and the melody despite the speed of it all is rugged and memorable. Some big shouts rip out and in under 2 mins it’s all over leaving you feeling like you have been hit over the head. Slowing it down a tad with more elongated belching comes ‘En Man I Sina Bästa År’ with a neat groove and slow brooding bounce about it. Speed freaks rejoice as it’s only brief before it rears up and mugs you with some classic punky gang shouts ringing out in the background. Over on the flip side at just around 90 secs ‘Intighetens Förort’ is an absolute rager and a gnarly call to riot. Hitting like a cluster bomb it flies along with thick fuzzing guitar and vocal shouts coming at you rabidly from all angles. Not quite sure what ‘Småstadsgangsters’ but smash and grab gangsters can’t be far off the mark as this revs up to the jewellers shop (and not on shitty mopeds) hammers the glass and makes off with the goods. All it leaves behind is a trail of grease and a foul stench.

Over on Bandcamp you get a couple of extra live tracks here to boot and they sound even more vicious and violent than the studio stuff. If you have ten minutes to spare and let’s face it who hasn’t even in this day and age, hit the link below and be prepared for a real brutal crusty evisceration; Dispyt are definitely not screwing around and totally mean business.

(8/10 Pete Woods)