Forming in Vaxjo – Sweden in 1992 the only original member is Drummer/ Vocalist Smattro Ansjovis. This is only the bands fourth full length but they have peppered eardrums with E.P.s and splits over the last three decades.  Panda Flamenco (bass/vocals) and Count Crocodelis (Guitar/Vocals) have been around for a while and both appeared on the awesome split with Organ Dealer two years ago.

I first heard Birdflesh on Mongo Musicale and was immediately dragged along by their humorous ferocious grindcore. Extreme Graveyard Tornado is a little less grind and blast and more whipped up death thrashcore but with of course the acid green smile and a giant shitty stick with which to stir the pot.

Fans of Venomous Concept and S.O.D will get their rocks off like a pubescent schoolboy with a lingerie catalogue. This is furious pun filled fun with 24 tracks crammed into as many minutes. “Milkshake is Nice” “Guacamolestation”  “Bite the Mullet” c’mon, life is too short for heavy politicized grindcore all the time.

Now there is always a danger of the Anal Cunts (all titles no tune), but Birdflesh can deliver with their instruments as well as their wit and repartee. From straight ahead death thrash like “Crazy Train Decapitation” to the bouncy crusty grind punk of “Accused of Suicide” and the groovy keys in “Black Hole Jaw” these guys ooze mania from every pore. And, it’s infectious.

I’ve been listening to this album for a few days now, walking to work, chilling at home and driving. (author’s note do not drive listening to this album – right foot gets very very heavy!) .  The solos are straight outta the crossover handbook, the drums are pummelling, the bass is light and bouncy. So punk, so much fun.  “Rise of Stupidity” should be used for one of those manic skateboard compilation videos that used to float about in the late 90’s.

TO over describe this album would do it no justice. If you like your music short, to the point, packed full of attitude , fun, blastafuckariffomania and all the best bits from Death, Thrash, Crust and Grindcore then stick this in your Woolworths Walkman.

(8.5/10 Matt Mason)