A few years back, Swedish Death ‘n’ Rollers Jesus Chrüsler Supercar unleashed ‘35 Supersonic’. A gnarly, fuzzed-up adrenaline shot of good time, doomy, rock and roll. You’ll be pleased to know that their infernal follow up album ‘Lücifer’ continues this fine tradition. It’s just better, heavier, harder, and nastier.

A welcome blast of grooving hellfire from a band that seem to live and breathe a dusty twilight world of beer, whisky, and epic riffs. Doom influenced, totally wired, full of swagger, and heavy as fuck, ‘Lücifer’ might just be the Swedes ultimate calling card.

The opening title track will certainly clear the muck out of your speakers, bringing fire and brimstone, with a down and dirty statement of intent.

“Take off your shoes and take a walk…” commands vocalist/bassist Robban Bergeskans on the excellent ‘Flesh ‘n’ Bones’, and after Nicke Forsberg’s tribal drum pattern on ‘Never Sleep Again’ we have the most monstrously groovy breakdown riff that you’ll hear all year (…or EVER, for that matter).

‘High Times for Low Crimes’ has some glorious Electric Frankenstein style fuzz leads, and with ‘Boogeyman’ the guitar chops courtesy of Pär Jaktholm and Tobbe Engdahl come flying thick and fast, with ‘Suck on My Balls’ cranking up the intensity.

The nihilistic tone of ‘Out of My Head’ brings a sinister vibe and Therapy? chug, while ‘From Death to Dawn’ is as close as we’ll probably get to the true spirit of Motörhead, serving up grit and twisted melody in spades, and when these chaps take you ‘Straight to Hell’, they do it with the kind of riff that Metallica would fucking kill for these days.

‘You Can’t Spell Diesel Without Die’ is not only a lesson in spelling, it’s also a lesson in sonic assault, and rounding off a cracking album we have ‘Black Blood’. Slow, sultry, and featuring more in the way of actual “singing”. If this was the last song you ever heard before you died, that would be no bad thing.

‘35 Supersonic’ may have been a killer record, but with ‘Lücifer’, Jesus Chrüsler Supercar have just knocked it out of the fucking ballpark.

(9/10 Stuart Carroll)