I have been looking forward to this album for a while. The band formed in Sweden 3 years ago and they delve into the US heavy/speed metal category. Not only does the artwork give a great impression of the album, but the music itself, that’s pretty good. Mystik are a 4 piece and have 3 female members, with Julia Von Krusenstjerna providing lead vocals. The phrasing and style really reminds me of Doro Pesch and with the music, it is more akin to the Warlock sound that her solo career. Fans of Omen, Attacker, Acid (Bel) and Huntress will also rejoice. The momentous guitar work and tempos match many of the real greats in this sub-genre simply embody everything special about the music style. ‘Lake of Necrosis’ is partly sung in Swedish and it’s one of the highlights of the album. The terrifying precision in the riffs, the brazen ability to revert to different time signatures with ease is a special quality, especially controlling and putting it all together.

‘Ancient Majesty’ is another track that is a remarkable arrangement, filling you with excitement at every twist and turn, and who couldn’t be joyous when lyrical themes are as strong as those shown on ‘Nightmares’ and ‘Gallows Pole’, those Witches have their fate sealed! Opener ‘Into Oblivion’ is perfect start to the release, its speed metal tinged; riff after riff is powerful and exciting. As the album progresses the speed tends to retract to the shadows and more traditional metal comes out front. The epic nature of the bands title track ‘Mystik’ sounds a touch DIO/Doro/Omen, a nice metal anthem.

Over, this is a highly enjoyable album, a fitting debut that’s been worth the wait. It will appeal to many fans and no doubt (well it is hoped) that the band will feature prominent in the touring circuit over the coming months.

 (8.5/10 Paul Maddison)