This international act comprises a couple of guys from Italy, and one from each of Turkey, Indonesia and Mexico and the sonic devastation they purvey on their sophomore equates to being mauled by a pack of wolves. The band blends an array of styles into their song writing but at its core is a thrash like guise that claws into speed metal, punk and a touch of black metal too. The opener “Bastions of Nightmares” is an assailing affront where the punk like bass work is balanced by the chaotic riffing and crunching drum work which I found great on this album. There is an attention to detail within them, that sees the various fills and cymbal hits utilised precisely and to great effect. The opener is decked in riffs like the whole album as the various riff breaks add momentum and power as “Incursions Of Death” maintains the tempo and aggression. The opening drum salvo is excellent as the speed metal riff that follows blazes into the song like a fire tornado. The vocals are decisively delivered with clear tones predominantly though I did struggle with the higher end of the tone that is deployed as a crushing switch in pace is adopted mid-way in the song.

Surprisingly some of the songs are fairly long as the six minute “Land Of The Damned” proves, opening again with plenty of drum focus and a heavy metal riff on this occasion. The songs escalation sees the track shift into purist heavy metal drive, with a steady beat and some excellent soloing. You can feel the songs tension mounting with each passing second as the inevitable riff break slashes in with cymbal smashing emphasis in true speed metal homage. The glass shattering vocal tone works perfectly here as the shrill tones accentuate the rampaging speed that leads into a fine scorching lead break.

The last couple of songs are also relatively lengthy as “Set The Spirit Free” begins with a heavy metal riff and a ton of drums filling it out before the punk laden riff break thrusts through. The cleaner vocal style works well enough if a little strained on the prolonged notes which is a minor point generally as the songs energy and vibrancy is plainly evident captured by the various riffs and hooks gelled into it. This leaves “The Awakening” to finale the album and at seven minutes plus it does an exceptional job, as a neat harmony guitar riff initiates the tune before revealing the speed metal hook that is infectiously executed. Again the song is spattered with changes, switches in tempo and riff deviations as the first one is awesome being superbly catchy before returning the album to the breakneck speed that flows throughout this release. The song even has a semi-acoustic break creating good atmosphere that takes the song to its finale and leaves you in no doubt that Indian Nightmare’s second album is a cracking metal album.

(8/10 Martin Harris)