Ladies and gents, let me take you on a short trip back in time to 1977. Whilst some may think of it as the summer of punk, reality is that despite the legacy of that movement, the music didn’t sell much that year, and the biggest selling LP was the OST for Saturday Night Fever, and that long dead disco sound can sod off too! No, I’m talking of the 1977 where the UK only had three TV stations, and serious rock was played on The Old Grey Whistle Test (a program commissioned by THAT David Attenborough!); the 1977 where rock behemoths like Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac roamed the earth; and the 1977 where a loud and obnoxious three piece band called Motörhead unleashed their eponymous debut album on the world, and whilst he may not even been a twitch in his dad’s pants for another decade, it is clearly the year that Blind Haze frontman Conan and his greasy cohorts worship.

‘Red Light Fever’ thunders out of the gates with the foot stomping slice of goodness that is ‘Back Street Boogie’, and you can practically smell the beer and sweat dripping from every note through the speakers. Uncomplicated but expertly delivered, this is a track to get the party started with pounding drums, a thunderous bass, and guitar heroics delivered with a sneer by Nicky Jefferson. The good times continue unabated with ‘Burnin’ Up’, drummer Ben Bowers channelling an inner Philthy with his poor cymbals being battered into submission with every beat. This all too brief serving of dirty goodness is rounded off by ‘Wasting My Time’, with the wide of flare and long of hair Conan leading the trio through a sprinting finish of attitude and speed, complete with a gang vocal chorus that I have no doubts audiences will be bellowing along to.

There is really nothing new or ground breaking in ‘Red Light Fever’, but frankly that is not a problem as every note is delivered with an unmistakable energy and enthusiasm that can only be delivered by a trio obviously in love with music. This is not something to mope over and stare at the floor, but rather a force to lift the spirits, and lift a pint or two with (remember, it’s scrumpy Conan!). Buy the music, buy the merch, go to the shows, and keep hounding these noisy sods until they fire out an album.

(8/10 Spenny)