Yorkshire’s finest return with a new album and line up. These heavy rock n rollers always manage to tee up some top quality sounds. Their influence is well documented; we won’t go to that place this time around. You know the band, you know what to expect.

The fat Rickenbacker bass sound thunder behind the music courtesy of new member, and well missed frontman Jay Jay Winter’s nephew, Ralph on bass and vocals. New drummer Jani Pasanen from Finland backs up the meat on the bones and ever present guitarist Lenny Robinson proves why ‘The Nightmare Ain’t Over’. Oh yes, ‘Payback’s a Bitch’, what a juggernaut this one is. There is a certain classic feel to the overall sound, the gnarly presence and delivery is perfect for this song and overall, the album in its entirety.

‘The Law is the Law’ is another smack in the chops, a sound of nightmares for the faint hearted, a vision into the dirty world. I could continue with this…a beer soaked trip into the most comfortable place which is front row banging your head for all its worth…puns aside, it’s a quality listen. I have not felt that the band have changed, I wouldn’t expect them too either. The production sounds a little quiet on the guitars, but overall, it’s a heavy rock and roll journey, one that tried and tested, you’re in safe hands. One final point, the artwork is a real nice touch, that full moon dog taking over the world, just imagine that, we could be in for a great ride with that thought. Other than that, its heavy rock n roll, its Asomvel, enough said.

(7.5/10 Paul Maddison)