Hailing from the north east corner of the USA, Abnormality initially turned my head with sophomore album “Mechanisms Of Omniscience” in 2016. They stood out from the usual mediocre deathcore /slam melting pot by combining well-honed technical chops with a knack for savage hooks.

On their third album, they’ve further developed the strongest tool in their armoury, which is the ability to structure actual grooves into their frenzied attack, in stark contrast to the tedious breakdowns that lesser peers rely on in order to convey dynamics. This is best exemplified on both “Transmogrification Of The Echoborg” and “Dying Breed”. The latter song (preceded by the quasi-industrial soundscape interlude of “Aeturnum”) begins with a series of brooding riffs reminiscent of Suffocation, before unleashing the now familiar frantic gravity-blast-o-rama halfway through.

No matter what speed Abnormality attack at, the effect is quite devastating. “A Seething Perversion” is notable for starting with a melodic ditty that conveys a sense of urgency, then transforming into the now familiar blunt force sonic assault. The percussive barrage throughout the album is both ruthless and calculated, and Mallika Sundaramurthys guttural vocal delivery is as remarkably consistent as it is powerful, occasionally transitioning to a terrifying screech when the particular passage calls for accentuation.

“Sociopathic Constructs” represents a slight tempering of the brutality and urgency that we’ve previously seen from Abnormality, whilst maintaining their integrity. It’s an honest and remarkable attempt to mature their energetic sound, with an underpinning cohesion that seems at odds with the technically chaotic and brutal nature of this music. As enjoyable as this album is, I suspect that their best is still yet to come.

(8/10 Doogz)