One thing that really appeals to me is Black Thrash Metal, being a long time fan of early Punk Rock, and a fair bit of modern Punk for that matter I have a desire for the whole sloppy, no cares given aesthetic. Despite the fact that Metal is so often linked with musical technicality and prowess there is a definite air of rebellion and a certain Punk mindset. I guess that is why Black Metal appeals to me, low production values, evil lyrical themes and that sense of destruction and anger. To many in mainstream society these are not desirable features in music, but to many Metal fans out there they are the pinnacle of empowerment.

Charging across the seas from Dublin, Ireland come Sacrilegia a Black Thrash Metal outfit whom have recently signed to Invictus Productions. The band take no prisoners as they unleash The Triclavian Advent, their debut release and thus first full length album. For me I always like it when a band comes straight out with an album, it feels pure, it feels as if the band are serious and they’re in it to win it as it were. However with this much bravado behind them and stepping into an already flooded scene do Sacrilegia have what it takes to go the extra mile?

Just like their no nonsense approach to releases the band unleash hell from the word go with Punk heavy Thrash laden riffs encircling rapid drumming. Then comes the sickening vocals which are tinged, much like the instrumentation with an essence of Death Metal about them. This vomitus, angry barrage of Blackened filth is nigh on comparable to War Metal in its delivery, production and ambition to create a rapturous cacophony. On Herding The Swine brings some different ideas to the mix in its slower sections which make for some interesting listening, however sadly overall the rest of the music sort of fades into obscurity.

Putting a cover in an album is always risky, especially when it’s a debut. On the one hand it can really show a bands musical prowess but on the other it can overshadow the rest of your work. In the case of Sacrilegia’s cover of Armoured Angel’s self-titular anthem it’s a combination of both. Firstly the cover is really quite strong, injecting new energy into the classic track, but on the other it really makes the rest of the album less appealing. In fact the later portion of the album pretty much fades away. The final instrumental track As With Spears We Come is a welcome burst of energy, its speedy delivery works well, a formula the band should perhaps work on more in the future, with the addition of vocals of course. That said given its unfitting nature it feels like a needless bolt-on.

Overall I would simply state that Sacrilegia have a great sound but no bite. They use the right themes and ideas but without great effect. It’s the sort of Black Thrash that simply adds another drop into the ocean as oppose to making waves. I don’t wish to put anyone off of this band however and I would urge that you give them a listen, perhaps for you they might just click. Yet what with the best song on the album being a cover and what with me generally loathing covers I’m not overly enamoured by the output of The Triclavian Advent.

(5/10 George Caley)