With the date of Norwegian Viking warriors Helheim’s tenth album Rignir fast approaching via Dark Essence Records 0n the 26th April, Ave Noctum is proud to present a first taster from it in the form of the UK Premiere of new track Ísuð.

The song flows between subtle and mesmerising melodies and the strength we have become accustomed to from the blackened Norse gods. Complete with a harmonious and beseeching clean crooned poetic Skaldic vocal performance from V’gandr it’s both a dreamy and compelling number foretelling the fact that the full album will be full of epic levels of maturity. A fragrant near psychedelic break also shows that a few surprises are likely to be unveiled upon the way.

Rignir meaning ‘Rain’ a subject matter the Norwegians are well versed in is expanded upon by the band themselves stating, ““This time around we have been very inspired by the local weather of Bergen. The autumn and winter seasons can summon the darkest of feelings within oneself, and this backdrop served as the fertilizer that would germinate the seeds of our lyrical ideas. Exploring the darkness of nature as something that can be seen, as well as sensed, it became a canvas where the pen drew words that rose from the depths of solemnity and alienation. Although each track depicts an ever-growing intensity of suffering and loss, there’s still a dialogue on how to maintain some sort of sanity or inner peace”.

Soon to head out on tour alongside Vulture Industries, Madder Mortem 2019 looks set to be a memorable year for Helheim who continue down the path to glory very much in the spirit of their forefathers