Another month. Another hot tub time machine filled with tie dyed flares. Yes that’s right it’s bluesy retro rock time.  April’s furry freak family are Heavy Feather from Sweden. Big fans of Cream and Free you can guess where this is going to go from the off.

Singer Lisa Lystam has a great bluesy voice with a slight accent which gives it a bit of an edge.

The music is solid and hits all the right grooves and notes in all the right places.  Anyone who has been to a blues night in their local or a bike rally will have heard a hundred bands that sound like Heavy Feather.  There is nothing original whatsoever in their attitude or delivery, but hey if it ain’t broke and all that.  There is no twist, no modern take, no macabre Hammer Horror twist (well at least that is something). These guys sound like a hard working band who play up and down the country to divorcees and young women with Stevie Nicks fixations in 1987.

The quartet are definitely better on the more upbeat stuff. Ballads “Tell Me Your Tale” and “Whispering Things” are like Nyquil after a long hard day in the fields. The latter brings to mind those strange faux American diners on the A303. All Harley Davidson shirts and Texas flags and western themed toilets. Underneath it is just a thinly veneered greasy spoon outside Salisbury.

You ain’t gonna get your kicks here.

(4/10 Matt Mason)