International bands are likely to be a topic which I have covered before but alas, let us speak of it again. In the age of the internet whereby a file can be sent instantly to the other side of the world the possibilities musically are limitless. It breaks down the boundaries and the cliché sounds of things such as Swedish Death Metal and Brazilian Death Metal. Whilst these genres aren’t in the least bit bad the cultural temptations of bands leaning toward a similar sound are slowly being broken down making for I would say is more unique music devoid of peers in a certain scene.

Holding up the flag of international diversity are the German/ Bangladesh duo KHNVM. Pronounced khoo-num the partnership aim to give us pulverising Old School Death Metal with their debut through Testimony Records entitled Foretold Monuments Of Flesh. Tackling the aforementioned barriers KHNVM are an intriguing mixture of backgrounds that are sure to offer up something new to the table, this is the sort of release that really wholeheartedly represents the endless possibilities in music today, but can it prove a success?

The album plunges pretty well straight into the fray with huge, dirty Death Metal guitars, savage drums and horrible ultra guttural vocals that whilst still old school verge upon the Brutal Death, sort of like Incantation. All this said however there is a sort of trve element about this release with airs of Black Metal in the guitars, certain moments of dissonance and even melody open up the gates of Blackened hell bringing an interesting influence to this otherwise purist Death Metal banger. Invocato Deo Plaga sees these Black Metal inspiration come to life through the slower sections that even evolve and adopt a Swedish Death Metal sound at points.

The album may be short but it certainly packs a punch and the influences appear endless. Sic Mundus Creatus Est brings heavy down-trodden Sludge or perhaps even Doom elements in its opening creating a thick murk of Death Metal filth. This is the kind of release that just wants to be extreme in whatever way it possibly can and I think there is no stone left unturned as far as the whole release goes. It blends together speed, misery and aggression in a perfect abundance and makes the listener feel pulverized as intended.

What KHNVM have created with Foretold Monuments Of Flesh is a strong ear-capturing debut that lets us know what the band is all about with no added frills or pomp. That in itself is something I really respect, a lot of bands appear to get caught up in the eye of the epic storm if you will, each one trying to outdo each other with more bombastic intro tracks or convoluted interludes. You can really tell and feel through this album that it is literally just a couple of people who love Death Metal and love to make music, the album exudes passion and I anticipate their sophomore release with great impatience.

(8/10 George Caley)