You what? Yep it’s kind of difficult taking the group name seriously here. Every time I think of it I get images of a missing Tom Baker Doctor Who adventure written by Terry Nation. No doubt if it had existed around the same time as The Masque Of Mandragora and Terror Of The Zygons it would have affected a generation of kids and forced them to hide behind the sofa traumatised for life. Mind you listening to this music could pretty much do the same to them. Perhaps these eggs are hatched with the fiendish mind of HR Geiger as like him E Of G hail from Switzerland. I had encountered them personally myself once before supporting Archgoat, Bolzer and Svartidaudi in London and let’s face it with a name like this I was hardly going to forget the encounter describing it like being whacked over the head with a large stick as they played their brand of primitive, uncouth and violent war metal.

That’s pretty much exactly what we get here albeit a short dose of bludgeoning as this follow up 2016 album Rot Prophet is a short and violent EP just 16 minutes in length. From an atmospherically chilling intro sounding like the last bombs dropping on the weeping tears of humanity we fly into the ultimate destructive force that is ‘Deathinjekt.’ You have to admire the descriptive language as this one gives a hot-shot full of battering drums from GOATPERV_ over an unrelenting howling bestial roar from the vocals and flagellating guitar riffs. It’s not big, it’s not clever and it sure ain’t pretty but that’s exactly why we are here right? You know exactly what sort of Blasphemy you have pitched up amidst and this force was exactly why the band popped up supporting the arch Finnish goaty ones. There’s not a huge diversification of sound or style on the material and perhaps it is best it is dealt with clinically and surgically in this way rather than as an extended operation.

The relentless approach will certainly go down with kvlt maniacs who appreciate noisy musical extremity and I am kind of glad the vocals are retched out in a vile unintelligible fashion as they are probably dealing with something quite foul and horrid. How do you outpregnate someone anyway, they never dealt with that on Doctor Who? Perhaps a look at the album art will give you a clue and if you are still lost you can always have a good pummel away to end track ‘Domination Xtasy’ a classic cover of an Arkhon Infaustus number. If you like your eggs well and truly scrambled you probably won’t be disappointed.

(6.5/10 Pete Woods)