Having been blown away by Deserted Fear’s latest slab of death metal magnificence “Drowned By Humanity”  https://tinyurl.com/y2lq5q5c   – Ave Noctum’s Mark Eve caught up with drummer Simon Mengs for a quick chat about the record and all things metal!

AN:  Guys thanks very much for this interview and congrats on the release of the new album – it’s brilliant.

AN:  How do you think your sound has progressed since “Dead Shores Rising” and was there any difference in the writing process this time?

The writing process was almost similar. We made a progress in the sound. We wanted it more natural and used new guitar and drum sounds. Ah! And a new guy for the mix and master! 😀   Legend Henrik Udd was taking care of our material this time!

AN: How and when did the band first get together?

The band got together as band in 2007 but actually we know a lot longer, cause Fabian and Mahne were friends with my older brother. Back in those days they gave little 11 years old Simon a copy of The Offspring, while he was listening to ACDC and Limp Bizkit. Hahaha!

AN:  There’s a real ‘old school’ but progressive death metal vibe to the record and the influences may appear obvious – are there others that we might be surprised by?

It’s hard to say what influences your music because everything you hear has an impact in some way. I for myself besides metal, like much different stuff. Pink Floyd and Rammstein for example tell you as a drummer to minimize the play and concentrate on important notes to shape the groove.

AN: What are your main inspirations musically?

Listening to any kind of music and everyday life.

AN:  There’s quite a heavy ecological theme to the lyrics on the new record – is that something all the band are into?

Preferring silence and nature we all don’t live in the city but in the countryside. If you experience nature day by day you recognize change and start to care about what is happening to it, because you connect somehow different.

AN:. Your line up has stayed pretty stable over the band’s history, what do you put that down to?

We grew up on the same places in the same city and know each other for a long time now. When we met, we quickly became brothers. Besides that the Band is priority for each of us.

AN: Deserted Fear have been very busy over the last couple of years, what tour / festival dates are in the pipeline for 2019? And what would be your dream tour package?

That would be Dismember, Bolt Thrower and us! In 2019 we will attend Summer Breeze and Way of Darkness Festival in Germany, also perhaps one concert on Mallorca where many Germans spend their holidays, but none of us was there before.

AN: What’s the death metal scene like in Germany right now and are there any new bands of any genre you recommend checking out?

The Death Metal scene is thriving! There were some really good bands coming up in the last years. E.g. Deny the Urge, Deathrite, Endseeker, Burn Down Eden & The Spirit and Revel in Flesh.

AN: The artwork on the new album is amazing – who’s responsible for that?

Thanks! We like the art and style of “Yellow Mushi” from Indonesia pretty much! We found him on the internet a few years ago and are really happy with his work.

AN:  What do you think of the current state of the metal scene in general?

The metal scene is vital af. Everyone knows that it is a grownup scene. The innovative 80s and 90s are over. There are a few really big bands headlining all the festivals. But the underground gives birth

AN: Many thanks for this interview, any final words for us?

Thanks for your interest in Deserted Fear! Hope to see you reading metallers soon!

Interview Mark Eve