This is the first sacrifice since the 2016 inception by German misanthropic horde Groza. This spawn is labelled as a full length release, but its DNA is made up of only a limited 5 tracks, generating a ‘Reign in Blood’ esque 27 minutes of madness. As much as the album length is similar to the aforementioned thrash classic, that’s where the similarities end. ‘Unified In Void’ is sinful, malicious and technical black metal delivered with pure hatred and abhorrence.

‘Unified In Void’ opens with the title track, and the shortest song on the release, and then closes with the longest track on the album, ‘Thanatos’, and doesn’t relent one iota in between.

I won’t dissect each track individually as there are no real differences between the 5 segments; they are all punishing and venomous in their deliverance. The vocals are callous and spiteful, yet delivered with precision dark beauty. The guitars are calculated and nihilistic, structured and technical.

There is an air of spite to the offering and the drum work is determined and mechanical in their genetics.

The 5 tracks intertwine with each other to create a melodic and commanding beast which will permeate your very soul, from the opening chords to the last beats ringing out. There is a core of elements which conjure up similarities to black metal titans MGLA and Uada, yet the deliverance and make up of this brute can sit Groza in a whole different unique cell to their peers and contemporaries.

This is an accomplished conception and my only negative to the whole event is that it is cut way too short. Maybe this has been done with some purpose in mind, for it surely does leave you wanting for more from these blackened nihilistic atheists.

(8/10 Phil Pountney)