Right, this six tracker is actually a three tracker as three songs are each repeated in English and German. It came in a lovely digipack CD, very cool for a self-release, and appears to be the debut from this German three piece. The band photos made me think I was in for more 70s wannabees which I guess wasn’t totally off beam, but really there’s much more of a Slough Feg via Manilla Road vibe here.

‘Apocatastasis’ opens with a classic rock, Slough Feg kind of folky riff. The vocals are pretty cool; the lass has a clear tuneful tone and a very precise diction. The track is slightly ponderous though, both in tempo and lyrical delivery which is not helped by a very basic and rather flat production I’m afraid. Fair enough though, it’s a pleasant enough number and shows a thoughtful approach.

‘Falcon’s Flight’ tries for more of a canter, though with very firm halts to the affair which do again remind me of Slough Feg. It’s classic heavy rock in style but the word ‘pastoral’ keeps floating through my mind as gentle interludes permeate the song and the fantasy lyrics have a very C. L. Moore ‘Jirel Of Joiry’ feel, a nostalgic take mixing Arthurian romance with 1930s pulp fantasy. This is made even more clear by the acoustic number ‘Night Sea Journey’, which I have to say is my standout track with the softer flow and a less deliberate enunciation in the vocals.

They are then repeated in German. Which version you prefer will simply be to taste. Oddly I usually prefer the natural language of a band, but here I find the English preferable particularly on the acoustic number with its softer sounds. But hey, you have options.

It is a pleasant enough and promising release and it would be interesting to see how they develop.

(5.5/10 Gizmo)