Deserted Fear (along with countrymen Chapel Of Disease) are, for my money one of the best death metal bands around. I’ve been a fan since their 2012 Debut “My Empire” and these Germans have gone from strength to strength, never putting a foot wrong and here once again they deliver with their brilliant fourth album.

Their last album, “Dead Shores Rising”, broke into the German album chart top 50 …..which was nice……and the fellas have been working their asses off with a rigorous touring schedule and totally slay live!

“Drowned By Humanity” hits that brutal yet melodic spot once again and expands a little on the progressive side of the band’s music that has always been there, lurking under the surface matching groove and highly memorable riffs and song structures. Starting with a stirring epic orchestral intro that has become the band’s trademark we’re catapulted into “All Will Fall” which is textbook Deserted Fear, awesome drumming from Simon Meng drives this track and the riffage & soloing of Mahne Glatter & Fabian Hildebrandt is stellar! Mahne’s vocals are just as harsh as fuck but so well suited to the music here and his throaty roar reminds me a lot of a young David Ingram.

The rest of the album follows suit with not a duff track among the thirteen tracks here. “An Everlasting Dawn” is one of the best pure thrash tracks I reckon you’ll hear this year and “Reflect The Storm” is melodic death metal done so well it’d make Soilwork er…..soil themselves.

Deserted Fear are such a great young band but along with countrymen, Chapel Of Disease, I worry that they might be in danger of being overlooked. Having said that all the press is super positive for them so if people don’t pick up the albums then it really is their loss.

In the immortal words of Shades Records…….. “Buy or die!”

(9/10 Mark Eve)