Here’s a little gem.

This is a split EP featuring two tracks by  both Colombian Death Metallers Sol De Sangre and Spanish Death-Thrashers Panico Al Miedo with both bands picking a couple of their favourite choice cuts from death metal records of yesteryear. Sol De Sangre blast us with  Entombed’s “Revel In Flesh” & Unleashed’s “Before The Creation Of Time” ( both tracks mixed by Tomas Skogsberg, mastered by Dan Swanö).

Panico Al Miedo give us Death’s “Pull The Plug” and Pestilence’s “Twisted Truth” (mixed by Marc Boria, mastered by Tony Lindgren). What makes these four tracks more interesting than the usual cover versions is the fact that both bands decided to reinterpret the lyrics in their native language which adds a touch of the “exotic” to proceedings…… well it does if, like me, you live in Essex and get excited by the thought of a trip to Clacton!

All four songs have a typically crusty Swedeath feel and are expertly played.

The old school DM artwork on this release by Juanjo Castellano Rosado is also killer paying tribute to all the bands covered and is a really neat touch.

Not a great deal more to say really.  The production of the Sol De Sangre tracks is superior to the Panico Al Miedo songs but given the talent involved is no surprise.  Overall this EP serves as a cracking introduction to those unfamiliar with either band and definitely makes me wanna check out both groups back catalogue.

(8/10 Mark Eve)