Contrary to their moniker, this German five piece have been plucked from obscurity to release their fourth album with considerable fanfare, after impressing on the European live circuit in recent years.

Comparisons have already been made to the early works Opeth and Katatonia, which is pretty fair. You can’t mention early Katatonia without slipping in a nod to Paradise Lost, and Nailed To Obscurity pay homage to the doom laden melodic guitar tones that both are famed for with great effect throughout “Black Frost”.

Vocalist Raimund Ennenga employs a wide range of techniques during the course of the album. The key weapon in his arsenal is a Tardy-esque growl which is present throughout, with forays into clean singing on “Tears Of The Eyeless” amongst other tracks, and a menacing, low register breathy whisper that’s most prevalent on “Feardom”.

Whilst it’s obvious that this band wear their influences on their sleeve, it’s all conducted in a respectful rather than plagiaristic manner. This is a competent and mature doomy melo-death release from a band who are about to take the leap to bigger things.

(6.5/10 Doogz)