Party thrash. The antithesis of Straight Edge. Beer kegs. Steins. Dayglo toxic waste. Big brimmed caps and hi top trainers.  Music for drinking not thinking. Fans of Municipal Waste, Gama Bomb and F.K.U will love these Austrian fellas.

The tracklisting is like a pun fight at the OK corral. Windmilli Vanilli, Stop Slammertime, Why So Beerious?  This is rock and roll pantomime, bantomine if you will.

It sounds exactly as you would expect it to. Standard fast paced punky thrash with Mille Kreator style vocals. Saturday Grind Fever is a fun cover of sorts. “ You can tell by the way I swing my axe I’m a psychopath”.   A cover of “Boys Boys Boys” by Sabrina as Mosh Mosh Mosh is a step too far.

The riffing is tight and punchy and The Dave of Death can fire off leads like exocets whilst Don Melanzani keeps the beat. Dave also provides the bass on the recording whilst the hilariously (???) named Heavy Kevy sings. These guys certainly know their radioactive onions. It’s fun. Like Wehrmacht were for 45 mins in the 80’s.

The trouble with comedy metal is that the joke wears thin. The ballads on Speak English or Die were hilarious as a teen. The fact that S.O.D poked fun at Hendrix and then on Bigger Than the Devil, Hutchence and Hartman was classic schoolboy humour.  The Ballad of Slayer provided on 666 Pack, with its quick burst of Raining Blood followed by the obligatory “You’re Dead” is boring. A third hand joke.  Another 23 second joke track 8 Bit Brutality is another re-run. Wasn’t it 5 years ago folks were releasing 8 bit style versions of tracks? You get the feeling that these guys locked themselves away with some Tenacious D albums, some Adam Sandler films and a copy of Thrasher magazine from 86.

21 tracks of this is too much. It’s like one of those day-glo sour sweets . Someone passes you one. Ooh what’s this ? Tingly, sour, mouth waters. Takes me back to being a kid. Ha this is fun.

Now chow down the whole pack, now a box!  You know how no one still writes poems like Byron or Shelley? It’s because it’s been done. We still have access to them. Cookie cutter music is still dull even if it is in a backwards cap and cut off.

Let’s put the day-glo away . It’s done.

(3/10 Matt Mason)