The world is full of bands who never see the light of day and equally full of bands who never get around to releasing a full length album. Some of these bands lay forgotten forever more, others become woven into legend becoming mythological references points for musics history. A common trend nowadays appears to be the EP followed by a full length style, demos are a little bit of a thing of the past. Also what is a full length now? Some Grindcore bands for example have full length albums clocking in under ten minutes, so many questions so little time.

One such band whom have bided their time to release a full length album (whatever that may be) are Festerday. Hailing from Finland and peeling their name from a Carcass song on Reek Of Putrefaction these Old School Death Metallers have a rich history. Formed in 1989 the band released a collection of demos and even a split. These have been cobbled together and re-issued throughout the years, then in 2018 the band smashed out a further two EP’s and another split. But it is to 2019 we turn, Festerday have finally done it, a full length album entitled Iihtallan through Season Of Mist.

From the offset there is a definite Old School flare, but one that has been exhumed for the modern ear. Iihtallan exudes vomitus dusty mucus through crunchy guitar riffs, pummelling drums and gag-inducing vocals. Fast paced, frantic, destruction and pure evil the sort of album to really ruin your speakers, there is absolutely no let up whatsoever. You can almost feel the passion projected from Festerday as they blaze through this full length with an obscure sense of achievement.

I would highly recommend Iihtallan to the seasoned listener of Death Metal, its cult appeal will really strike a chord with long time fans of the genre. For those new to Death Metal this is perhaps best avoided. Sure there are more accessible moments in Control Not Your Soul, Your Saliva My Vagina and Let Me Entertain Your Entrails and even a Punk twang about the whole release but at its core this record oozes underground viscera, crusted crimson filth for the totally sick this is purist Death Metal in every sense.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed and will continue to enjoy Iitallan, it’s a grubby little gem that puts a Chelsea smile upon my overly Death Metal drenched face. Like a dug up cadaver of old the flesh has rotted away to reveal a soiled skeletal frame. This murky tome is a fantastic starting point for 2019 in the land of Death Metal. If you’re a fan of Old School Death Metal demos or just the underground in general then check this album out, not today, not tomorrow but Festerday!

(8/10 George Caley)