New year, new EP, new band. Fresh start and all that.

Well, I say fresh but this fetid blast of ‘bestial deathcult warfare’ is not exactly the sweet smelling air of some Norwegian forest. Nah, this is a short three track EP of hard as nails war metal courtesy of Shyaithan, Mr Impiety himself, along with their drummer Dizazter and Xul, Asura and Cryptor.

Whilst it’s not perhaps as filthy as Impiety this is a huge roar of thunderous black death metal with thrash momentum. Over the three tracks of ‘Ritualized Debauchery’, ‘Atomic Crossfire’ and ‘INRI’ this is just about ten minutes of Hell exploding in your face. You get steel hard riffs that just hammer on with old school roots in Sodom and Possessed kind of area, just with extra steroids pumped in. The pace is breakneck, the guitar breaks squeal like pigs in torment and the vocals growl like a bear with aims of crushing your skull.

It’s tight stuff, as you expect from veterans like these guys, able to change time without dropping speed for a moment. It also doesn’t fuck about. At under ten minutes it’s hard to say what an album of thirty to forty would do, and I suspect the odd extra hook might need to be chucked in here and there. But as it is this is one quality IED that blows up, leaves a bloody mess and fucks off. Can’t say fairer than that for a new year can you?

(7/10 Gizmo)