Something different as we reach towards Yule. Dis Pater, of Midnight Odyssey fame amongst other projects, has always been an artist of singular vision and distinctive sound, and if you are a fan of Midnight Odyssey then the fact that with Death Comes Crawling he has decided to take the final step and fully embrace an electronic album should come as little surprise.

The opening notes of ‘The Changing Winds Of Fortune’ are very indicative of what follows. The melody and style is unmistakably from the same mind that drives Midnight Odyssey in the melancholy melody that pervades it, but this time fully immersed in electronic beats and clean vocals. It’s as beautifully presented as you would expect, smooth and flowing, dark, rich music.

As the album progresses, what really comes to the fore is how much of this must have been lurking, rolling and whispering inside for years. It’s very accomplished, emotional music with seemingly a deep love of darkwave, the more electronic side of goth and those kind of areas. On ‘Close Your Eyes’ for example we have vocals which kind of remind me of something between Bella Morte and Clan of Xymox with maybe a little very early Yendri in the music. Elsewhere the gently driving rhythms and rising vocals bring to mind a less urgent VNV Nation, particularly on closer ‘Their Chosen’ and even touches of the more solemn side of Depeche Mode  All this is excellent. The album flows and ripples softly but never weakly.

This is perfect night music. This is a soundtrack for those hours between too early for sleep and too late to stay awake. It inhabits that quiet land of held breath and night lights in a cityscape that can’t decide if it is for the night-owls or the early risers. It is the introspective chill out room for the lonely and the weary and those still seeking. It spreads a certain calm despite the inherent air of melancholy; an acceptance maybe.

Yeah, if you want to step away from the noise and the blur this is the place for you. It’s a little corner, a space. Sanctuary. It has warmth and it cares. I think that is something well all can use when offered.

Dis Pater, thank you. I think this is going to be a travelling companion for many years to come.

(9/10 Gizmo)