The Deep came out with a fantastic debut release a while back, since then there’s been a terrific selection of live shows and each time I see this band I am reminded of how great a band they really are. Categorized in the NWOBHM field, justifiably, because a) they’re British and b) they were members of Deep Machine and active during this movement. Roll forward a good few years and off the back of some great profile enhancing shows, we have a new EP ‘Watching You’.

Picking up where the album left off, the high octane ‘Prepare to Rock’ is a fist pumping anthem. Tony Coldham is a fantastic vocalist and once against the proof is in the pudding here for this release. With the EP’s title track, you have some great group vocal dynamics; this is the key for The Deep, thunderous British heavy metal with a good dose of melody. The twin guitar attack is forceful; when I see them live I am always impressed by how easy it looks, when in fact there’s a real art to playing this precise and capturing apt moments of their songs. ‘Dead Man Walking’ and ‘Taking Over’ complete the quadruple attack of new tracks and these temp you into searching for more expansive influences. But the EP is not yet finished, there is a 20 plus minute live set added for good measure.

This was recorded at their first gig in France, at British Steel Fest in Fisme from 2016 and comprises for four tracks. Starting with ‘Premonition’ and flowing into ‘The Rider’, ‘All I Want’ and completing with ‘Night Stalker’. The recording has captured the energy perfectly.

Overall, this EP is ripe with passion, melody and good proper meaty heavy metal, The Deep are one of the top bands to re-emerge onto the NWOBHM circuit and this EP continues the fruitful journey that started with the debut EP and album, ‘Watching You’ proves The Deep are a wonderful asset for British heavy metal.

(8.5/10 Paul Maddison)