A project which first saw the light of day in 2004 before being indefinitely shelved in 2009, Paragon Impure finally bring us their sophomore album. The debut album from way back in 2005 was little more than Darkthrone worship, and this second offering also harks back to the organic “non” production of early nineties black metal, which, frankly, I thought we’d got beyond here in 2018.

Similarly, the subject matter is from a bygone era. I’m not convinced that there’s any more to be said about the Marquis De Sade that hasn’t been documented previously via screen, song or print, however, Paragon Impure pay homage to everybody’s favourite deviant with a collection of six ditties spanning 45 minutes. Lyrically we’re into “fuck me with a cannon”, “the libertine of all libertines” territory, all of which may have been mildly shocking several years ago but serves as little more than schoolboy titillation these days.

Musically I can’t fault this, it’s competently crafted black metal performed with conviction, the clarity of each instrument cutting through despite the aforementioned lack of production quality. Those of you yearning for nostalgia will lap this up, whilst for the rest of us it’ll remain nothing more than a passing curio.

(6/10 Doogz)